Windows Server 2008

Anyone wondered why Microsoft insists to change every name from Windows Server to Windows Server?! Honnestly i dont! Its quite annoying to seek for «their new names» each time that i’ve to configure a brand new Windows Server… Who is responsable for this? /kill them


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New Section!

From now on my blog will have a brand new section that will cover an area… Previewing Football Matches!

Why? Well, since 2001 i started a new love, sports capping, where football was my most profitable area.

Hope you enjoy it,


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The mistery of life!

Sometimes, when we are in a deep professional crisis we seek an answer where we will never find it, mostly, because we are surrounded by non-sense directors at work.

Personally i rather take the easiest way… start all over again… and again until i find the true happiness.


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Got Banned from bet365!

Well, what to say!

Some time ago i got an email where was advertised a free bonus after the 1st account opening or account 1st deposit, it seems cool right? Yes, It seems!

But sometime later and if you were able to win they will ban you account if you dont give THEM profit!

Bottom line, according with them you cannot have profit there or else they will kick you out!


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#1 Link

Today i bring you a great webpage for thoose who hate/dont like to cook.

Vegetarian Lasagna

  1. Heat 1 spoon of oil in the pan and fry mushrooms.
  2. Heat remaining oil and fry onion and garlic – 2 min, add green pepper, fry 5 min, add zucchini, fry 7 min, add herb.
  3. In separate dish mix tomatoes passata with cream, add salt, pepper, nutmeg.
  4. In heatproof dish arrange one layer of lasagna (I used 4 pcs per layer), sprinkle with vegetables and cheese and pour over with tomatoes & cream mixture.
  5. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Make 3-4 layers. Last lasagna layers should be covered only by tomatoes & cream sauce and sprinkle with cheese.
  6. Bake about 40 min in 170 C degrees. Use heatproof dish with cover or arrange aluminum foil.

Source: nibbledish

Cooker: Paula

Get these and much more on

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This is probably another stupid idea but why shall we waste more than 80% of our life with things like sleeping and working? Is this our goal in life? Hope not!

Honnestly, i believe that we must seek a greater good in order to live and enjoy this opportunity that we call LIFE! For all, deeply seek your dreams and dont waste time with small things / thoughts that will often get your focus from the real target..

Good Luck.


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New Hosting…

Well, after some considerations and due the lack of time to keep my old personal blog up-to-date i made up my mind and migrated it for good.

I hope it will grow more and more…



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